The JuiceBox Wellness School

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Welcome to The JuiceBox Wellness School

***Back To School Time***

We are recruiting team members for The Juicy Life

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The JuiceBox Wellness School is a play based & sensory rich holistic enrichment program for families that introduces techniques that can provide overall wellness through physical activity, literacy, mathematics, creative arts, community building projects, nutrition and so much more!  The curriculum is based on proven research that young learners grow and expand their knowledge when given opportunities to practice, manipulate objects and feel uniquely valued.  

*Small class size is great for individualized attention while providing opportunities for socialization. The JuiceBox enrichment classes enhance natural interests while providing a safe space for creative life learning.  

*Alicia's Kitchen serving our family and community with acts of kindness as well as inspirational and encouraging gifts.  Check back soon for menu items.

Join our Juicy Life mission & The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation to spread wholesome goodness throughout our community.  

Click the link below to help us share, teach & encourage families to live Healthy, Happy and Hopeful lives.  

Thanks Janelle for your enthusiasm and support.  We look forward to collaborating with you and Inspiring Healthy Living Around The World!

Thank you so much SunButter!!! Your donations helped "spread" the fun this summer!

"I don't know if anybody bothered to tell you or not, but your time as my daughters teacher and I'm sure with other children really helped shape her in a positive way.  You're an incredible person"

Mr. Opera, parent

"Your ideas are amazing and creative.  You should go to Shark Tank"  Health Fair Visitor 

"Yes girl!!! This sounds awesome.  I think this is so great! I would love to work with you" Janelle Issis, Professional Dancer/Entertainer and So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 as top 6th female finalist

"The school you started looks fantastic, the website is so inviting" Andrea, Clinical Aromatherapist and founder of the Aromahead Institute

"LOVE your site!  Your passion for the subject shines through each word and photo" Lynn Robinson, M.Ed  Renowned international speaker, best selling author and intuitive consultant

"YOU are AMAZING!" Janine Finney Co-Author of "The Flip Flop CEO"

"We looked over your site and think it is fantastic!  We think it would be a great fit for our products" PlanetBox 

"I love every minute that I get to work with Alicia.  She is the most kind, helpful and trustworthy person I know.  She has this personality that you can't help but love her" Ashley R. @

"I love the way you not only want to bring happiness and goodness into the world, but you actually go out there and make changes so great things happen!  What a blessing you are!" Rebecca Mason, Manager Dove Chocolate Discoveries/Independent Chocolatier

"You are a tremendous asset to the community" Holly Johnson, Senior Manager at Riverside Child Development & Learning Center, Nerium Brand Partner

"BEAUTIFUL idea, project and approach" Cheyan, Creator of Tall-n-Curly, graphic designer, writer and illustrator

"Grand work you are doing" Nicki Withers, Well Balanced studios and Leader of Music Movement Magic Nia Retreat at Willka T'ika Peru

"You do so much for our center and community.  You're greatly appreciated.  Thank you for all that you do.  You are an amazing person with a big heart.  I'm happy to have you as a friend."  Early Childhood Educator 


"Thank you Alicia for all the knowledge, creativity and beauty you have introduced me too" Clint

 "Many blessings to you.  A wonderful tribute to your parents & family!"

"God is using your story to be a blessing to the community"

"The community bags you created are wonderful, fun and inspiring" 

"Very creative and look forward to reading your children's book" Parent

"You are really very super talented.  You are blessed with a creative gift." Hampton University Coach

"LOl..the Chick-Fil-A bags you designed for the 5k race are adorable and funny" Visitor & Parent

"You are an asset to our company" Owner/Director 

"Love, love, love it" Parent

"Such a loving and kind person." Parent

"A wonderful teacher" Parent

"Beautiful dancer and teacher" Parent

"I love everything" Student

"Brilliant" Visitor